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Proximate show is..

Physical theater Tešlon a Frkl. In Olomouc, at Divadlo na Cucky theate 4th of October, 7:30 p.m.

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Physical theatre workshops

Physical theatre workshop for youth

Workshop physical theatre , dance, contact improvisation led by Lukáš Karásek and Florent Glofier.

Or in case you are under 17 years workshop for youth.

Physical theatre workshop

Ephemeral Měsíc

Based on group improvisation, Ephemeral Měsíc is a project made up by young artists, for young artists. Organized as a full-month workshop, the proposal is to build up a working team with artists specialized in dance, theatre and music.

More information on Facebook's page Ephemeral měsíc

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úvodní fotografie - Tešlon a Frkl /foto Petr Chodura