Živá voda

This short animation "Živá voda/Live water" was made at a workshop of pixilation in April 2012 in Poněšice, souther Bohemia, in cooperation between Physical theater department Brno and Studio of movie and TV graphic Prague.
cast: Lukáš Karásek
animation: Ester Nemjóová, Rosalie Kirschová

The Clown's Crumbs Movie

The Clown's Crumbs Movie is connected to Clown's Crumbs show and it is made by one of actor from this show Marta Kuczynska and her friend Agnieszka Piesiewicz.

Páternoster Sním

Record of show Páternoster Sním (I dream paternoster) that I directed.

Web & design: Lukáš Karásek -
úvodní fotografie - Tešlon a Frkl /foto Petr Chodura