Physical theater workshop in Brno

Just between us..

Me and Florent will do a workshop about physical theatre. Lessons will contained warming-up inspired by many styles and peoples (eg. Daniel Gulko, Nina Dipla, Kalari payatu,...). We will do improvisations, dancing and theatrical, contact improvisation, ground acrobatics and clownish. We don't want to focus on only one aesthetics of work, rather we want to explore many different possibilities to express through movement and vote. According to you there will be a presentation at the end of a semester or everything we are going to do will be just between us.

Physical theatre workshop

Who we are

Lukáš Karásek and Florent Golfier first met thanks to the performance of Pisum Sativum (Karin Ponties, 2012) at Physical theatre department on JAMU. They soon realized to have a very similar approach to the physical theatre. Their work as a pair went great and so they decided to form a duet Tešlon & Frkl. They participated on various projects, including the performance in Bolek Polivka Theatre within the festival Noc Divadel/Theatre Night and the ''Acrobatic Entree'' during the Open Day at Alliance Francaise. What makes their show unforgettableis that: ''Their bodies know no gravitation, their joints and muscles know no limits'' (L.Vrchovsky

To know when and where

First open class is going to be on Monday, September 22, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the dance centre Bosorka - - Masarykova 32 (4th floor)

Then we are working at project elsewhere and from Monday, October 13, every Monday from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Workshop costs for one semester (13 lessons) 2 400 CZK. You can send application by e-mail to

In case of questions, please contact me via e-mail

We are looking forward to working with you,

Lukas and Florent.

Do you have kids, friends or you are under 17?

Lessons for youth

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