Shows Tešlon & Frkl

Tešlon & Frkl

Lukáš Karásek & Florent Golfier

Physical performance about the life of two beings from the space with different laws. Coexistence of the two characters, their routine days and mutual learning, mediated by physical images and emotional interactions. In addition to the agreed positions, actors are also surprising by physical improvisation each other.

author: Lukáš Karásek
performers: Florent Golfier, Lukáš Karásek
light design: Martin Čepec Holoubek
stage design: Stella Šonková

13th March 2013 - Divadelní studio Marta, Brno

Fotky z Představení

Prague, studio Alta /photo Michal Hančovský Ostrava, Cooltour /photo Petr Kiška Brno, studio Marta /photo Petr Chodura Brno, studio Marta /photo Václav Mach Brno, studio Marta /photo Petr Chodura
Web & design: Lukáš Karásek -
úvodní fotografie - Tešlon a Frkl /foto Petr Chodura